mercredi 9 septembre 2015

                        THE BLACK EYE

                                    The sun is shining and I'm so happy that it's wednesday. I'm wearing my Yvesaintlauren Biker Jacket with a clean white long shirt and zara boots. I feel like this outfit can be worn anywhere, I do feel a bit formal in the long shirt but I need to get out of this idea that a long shirt makes me look too smart and make an arabian style, because it doesn't! I guess the monkstrap shoes add to the whole formal vibe but the biker jacket kind of counter balance that , that's many ways to wear them in arabian countries like dubai or saudi arabia or lebanon, don't you think? Anyway It's nice to look elegant now with the black and white and make a beautiful arabian stylish look.
I hope your weeks been good! I've got so many exciting opportunities coming up that I literally can't wait for the next few weeks.

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