mardi 2 février 2016

fresher than you

As the weather gets normal and better here in casablanca, i am immediately in a better mood to dress up. I feel like thats the case with everyone.
I seeeeriously couldn't wait to show you this amazing leather biker jacket that i got from Yvessaintlauren.
I am literally obsessed with those jackets, and have 2 of them but i already plan to order another one . i can't stop wearing them , cause I kinda love mixing this types of styles , there's a million way to wear this jacket , i prefer to wear it with These smart torn jeans and whatever you want like t-shirt or a sweatshirt , i wear it  a white shirt to make it more chic and a black hate to add more glamour, and when i add the torn jean we can say about that's a fresh and elegent look.