dimanche 23 novembre 2014

                Everything you can imagine is real.

unpredicted weather never fails to dampen the mood and with it often comes a lack of creativity and spark, which can seriously dent both the level of consistency and effort you put into how you dress. It is perhaps the biggest hurdles we  have to face during this season.i chose my raincoat from: URBAN OUTFITTERS and mixed it with a grey sweater and black jeans and black hightboots.

sXm style.


jeudi 6 novembre 2014

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hey guys
hope you like my new post
so , let me tell you about this look
realy i was so tired and i choose this afternoon to make a shooting with friends and this amazing wolf.... who was fast and farious , we make this shoot at casablanca's port & i adore this place ...
sXm style.