lundi 27 octobre 2014

Let the shadow speak

Hey everyone!
This is my submission for this year's spookbook contest.
"let my shadow talk to you."
On Helloween dark side of me awakes and I turn into this
is equal parts; a sharply dressed gentleman and a classically terrifying tortured soul.
I had so much fun creating this outfit and wearing it and love the make up artist for this work, and this amazing photogenique dark place in casablanca
The costume and the role was inspired by my all time favourite vampire movie: 'Interview with the vampire sranformers'. plus it challenged me to come up with something unique.
The banshee appealed to me because the makeup and outfit choices are very dark and haunted, much like what Halloween is supposed to be.
I found this amazingly beautiful vintage morning coat for a bargain which I really love!
Self designed stuff I made especially for this costume:
A leather biker jacket and these gloves to complet my look.
Big thanks.

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